Unfoldedorigami is a beautifully designed blog. The colors are soothing and the layout is simple but elegant. You can immediately see that the one line description on the front page, "an artist's blog," is very apt. It is both a well-written and well-designed blog, something that is sadly too lacking on the web today. The writing itself can be divided into two types: personal and creative. The personal entries are extremely interesting, giving us glimpses into the varied artistic endeavors of the person behind the blog along with their everyday life. The creative entries, though substantially less in number, are even better. Within these entries you can find short stories, poems, and even Quicktime and Flash videos, all showcasing the artist's talent (though I am sorry to say that I was not able to view the videos; a dial-up connection just doesn't cut it). Unfoldedorigami is hosted at diaryland.com, and while that does present some limitations, the blog integrates them well. It is streamlined, only providing us with the main journal, an archives section, and a guestbook. This minimalistic construction punctuates the grace of Unfoldedorigami, as, of course, does the name. Unfoldedorigami is worth visiting, and I only wish there were more of it. It chronicles the life of an artist I'd like to know more about.
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